Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hey races, in 2 weeks we'll be starting off the 2013 season of Stock Car and Drift Cars. This seasons line-up bring some new changes to Racers Island Raceways. Ms Yuriko Nishi has been working many hours in her Test Center Facility over at YuNi Motors.
The Stock Cars now have Pit Stops (Fuel / Tires) as well as Drafting abilities. These features will make for interesting racing for all drivers. The cars go slightly slower as well to even the speed up all as well. The Stock Car is the same body as last season only 10% smaller so with a re-sizer script you can reduce you existing body. (If you need help with that come and see us and we'll fix ya up.
The Drift Cars now have a NOS feature that will become available every 20 seconds and run slightly slower as well. The Drift are available in 2 styles, either a 911 or a GT2 and are modifiable as well. Both run the same Chassis so the is option is only on taste.
Check out the links to the right to get more details on the races.
Our usual staff Nella Boccara, Yuriko Nishi or Doll Kabuki will be one hand to help you, races will be run by myself Eddie Mathieson.

So all in all we're looking forward to seeing some really exciting racing. So hope to see you track side.

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