Sunday, July 3, 2016


Come by on Saturday nights and check out our all new Demo Derby races.
Created by Ferry Mint of Minty Motors this 1st to Second Life is quite similar to gaming derby races.
With buyin's of a minimum of 20L$, winnings of the pot are split up amongst the 1st and 2nd cars destroyed, the last car out and the driver that destroyed the most cars. Always full of action, the outer parts of the cars act like amour while the chassis once expossed and recieves damage effects your car's health, all shown on a screen on the car. Pumtured tires, broken wheels, oil spills and fire and all kinds of mayham.
So, come on my by on Saturday's @ 6:00 PM SLT, join our group and find out the theme of that week since the cars are custom texture capable and also comes with 7 pre-loaded textures.