Saturday, November 7, 2009

Racers Island MotoSL 5 Race Team

Here they are 3 veterans to SL racing with the start of season 5, Racers Island and all it's family wish the drivers and huge GOOD LUCK :) and have fun!
Brave Ashbourne #5 that has raced under the R.I. flag FSL and MotoSL and multiple Champ in the R.I.R.L. Series for over 2 years.
Nella Boccara #427 from our FSL team and a regular at R.I.R.L. and former Champ in SL racing, gives it her all and doesn't let up, GO Italian!!!!!!
Mango Birdbrain #73 New to the R.I. MotoSL Team but no intro is needed for this juice boy, he has earned my respect in the years of knowing him as a racer in SL.

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