Monday, October 26, 2009


This week we launched the all new Euro-Stock cars - 7 colors available - menu controlled - 14 wheel colors and a custom 3 digit roof texture for you own numbers.
Created by the amazing new Dymanic Duo team of Ichtyo Broome of Broome Engineering
and Kinwork Axel of Axel Body & Rims, have now merged their efforts into (AB) Axel/Broome - After weeks of scripting and fine tuning, this car adheres to our Terraform Oval Track like no other. I'm really looking forward the the Winter Season of racing. Even includes 2 cars at purchase, one for League racing (fixed settings) and another one with full settings adjustments. Great job on the car guys :) Available in the Racers Island Main store in the Mall. 1200$L

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