Friday, June 26, 2009


Welcome to Racers Island Raceways Blog.

We would like to cordially extend an invitation to you to visit Second Life's newest radical, revved up racing sim called, Racers Island. Whether you are looking to see the cutting edge of what is brilliant building in Second Life, or you like to zoom in realistic fast cars and tracks that adhere to first life physics, or simply like to find super shopping and a place to gather with friends and relax in our spaceous Racers Lounge. Racers Island is a must see spot in Second Life!

Racers Island has become the most popular race sim in Second Life since we offer so many styles of racing on 7 different tracks. All built with incredible style and texturing (mainly for midnight lighting) and has become a very cool place to race, hang-out and meet some cool people and laugh. We are always on voice here, offer kindness and patience to all that visit us! In my opinion it's not only the place that shines but the friends that have made this their home, they are the success behind the scenes and on the stages, helping out and supporting what goes on here.
I applaud them all their creative abilities.

Already boosting traffic averaging from 20,000 to 40,000 daily, Racers is constantly proving it will remain ahead of the competition in its ever evolving racing tracks!

A HUGE Mall offering some of the best built cars and gear in SL!


Our tracks are made for racing a multitude of cars.

Racers Island Racing League cars:
Nascar Stock Car and Truck - Scorpion LeMans F1 - Sivic Drift Tuner - Kart

3 Series Races each week:
Drift Series - Stock Car Series - Formula 1 Series
Racers Island League Race Times: Tues - Thurs - Sun @ 5:30pm slt Practice 6:00pm Race!

No fee to enter, we only ask that you buy the league car so all are racing will share the same scripts, this way skill comes in.

Cash prizes, points will be given out each race and added towards season end Championship and Trophies.

Burn rubber to get here then slam on the brakes as you enjoy a fabulous Second Life ride at Racers Island!

Contact: Eddie Mathieson or Scooters Frog or Piper Tornado for any assistance.

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